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Nick Morley

2019 Nick Morley.jpg

Nick Morley, like those before him, is another worthy winner.  He was also one of the first people to offer his help for the Car Show and is always happy to do anything that's asked of him - from making signs for the show to marshalling over the back of the field (this may have something to do with the free beer offered the marshals - he is a true Yorkshireman, after all!).  At the next Car Show, you will probably find Nick in the bike field as he has just got himself a classic bike and is keen to show it off.  If his bike wins it'll look suspicious! (but the paint job is lovely! Ahem!!!)
Nick, a former firefighter for the London Fire Brigade, now retired due to old age(!), is still playing the part of helping others in the community.  He recently took charge of the "HUB" in Caterham during the COVID crisis where he coordinated help to locals and the elderly that were struggling with shopping and many general tasks. 
At this moment, he is playing a major role in the COVID vaccination centre in Caterham - a real community hero if there ever was one.
Nick is a life long friend of mine and someone who I am proud to call a friend. 

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